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Lorraine has two elegant cities, both capitals at one time.

Nancy is popular for its art nouveau architecture and Metz for its stained glass and stunning cathedral.

You can also enjoy walks in the unspoiled Lorraine countryside or relax at one of the many spas.

Days Out in Lorraine
  • Nancy - You won't be disappointed with this art collection at Musee des Beaux arts, it includes works by Delacroix, Manet, Monet, Utrillo, Dufy and Modigliani.

  • Metz - visit the Gallo-Roman city of Metz and its Gothic cathedral with stained-glass windows, some by Chagall. .

  • Gerardmer - Ski resort in winter, a base for mountain hikes in the summer with watersports and boat trips on the lake.

  • Verdun - See the Musee de la Citadelle Militaire which recreates Verdun's role in WWI. On the outskirts of the town are memorials, battle sites and cemeteries.

The Meurthe-et-Moselle

Meurthe-et-Moselle is home to the magnificently elegant city of Nancy. Nancy owes much of its elegance to Stanislas, the dethroned king of Poland, who transformed large parts of the city.

Emile Galle came next with a love for Art Nouveau, examples of which can be seen throughout the city. . The Parc Regional de Lorraine lies at the centre of this area, with red-tiled houses, vineyards, forests, marshes & lakes. This is the place to rediscover the traditional delights of 'Quiche Lorraine' and 'Potee Lorraine', a bacon casserole. Baccarat, to the southeast of Nancy, is home to some of the finest crystal and glassware production. - a tradition that dates back to 1764

Days Out in Meurthe-et-Moselle
  • Art history in Nancy - the Musee des Beaux arts has an extensive art collection which includes works by Delacroix, Manet, Monet, Utrillo, Dufy and Modigliani.
  • Villers-les-Nancy - visit the Jardin Botanique du Montet with its tropical plant life.
  • Gothic Splendour at Toul - the Cathedrale St-Etienne took over 300 years to build and is the 2nd largest monastery in France (after Mont St-Michel).
  • Faience Pottery - once nicknamed 'Petit Versailles' for its regal splendour, Luneville Castle is now home to a museum that charts the history of hand-painted Faience pottery.

The Moselle

The Moselle borders two French departments, Germany, Luxembourg and is not far from the Belgian border.

Metz is the capital both of Moselle and Lorraine and is a main cultural and historic centre. Due to its strategic position, the Gallo-Roman city has been heavily fought - over passing from Germany in 1870 back to France in 1918. There is something for everyone in Moselle. Lush, unspoiled, countryside the ideal backdrop for golf courses, cycle tracks and footpaths. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge themselves on one of the many canals, lakes or water sports centres. Gothic churches, medieval passageways and Gallo-Roman remains will delight historians among you.

Days Out in Moselle
  • Metz - the Cathedrale St-Etienne contains stained-glass windows, whereas the Eglise St-Pierre-aux-Nonnains is supposedly one of the oldest churches in France.
  • Maginot Line Fort du Hackenberg - take a tour of the underground tunnels at Fort du Hackenbourg, the largest bastion of the Maginot Line
  • Parc Naturel Regional de Lorraine - countless leisure activities set in a setting of forests, lakes, canals and streams.
  • Gorze - the Eglise St-Etienne mixes a Romanesque fašade with a Gothic interior and mid 18th Century choir.

The Vosges

Most visitors are attracted to the Vosges for its superb mountains, pine forests, lakes and valleys. Here you'll find ski resorts, and the Parc Naturel Regional des Ballons offers opportunities for cycling, fishing, riding, walking, and golf to name but a few activities!

To the southwest lies the Plateau de la Voge which stretches from Remiremont to Vittel. The Rhin and Meuse rivers make this a popular centre for thermal spas such as Vittel and Bains-les-Bains. . The plains to the northeast are where most of the department's historic and religious monuments are found. Picturesque villages overflow with churches, abbeys and castles, i.e. Domremy where Joan of Arc was born

Days Out in Vosges
  • Roman Amphitheatre at Grand - a Roman amphitheatre built to accommodate 16,000 spectators and welcome Emperors Caracalla and Constantine
  • Lakeside Resort of Gerardmer - a ski resort in winter, in summer Gerardmer turns into a popular destination offering a plethora of lakeside attractions
  • Domremy - the 'Visages de Jeanne' will take you back to Medieval France at the time of Joan of Arc.
  • Spa Town of Vittel - unwind in this elegant thermal spa town with its casino, racetrack, and spas catering for a range of ailments

The Meuse

A department of forestland, lakes, rivers and marshland. The Argonne hills lie to the west while the eastern uplands, or Cotes de Meuse, give way to the Woevre Plain.

This is the place to get off the beaten track. Walkers, cyclists and horse riders will enjoy routes through picturesque villages and lush valleys. Marville to the north is an outstanding medieval town with architecture that dates back to the Spanish occupation. Verdun is synonymous with the battle of WWI when approximately 1 million men died in almost a whole year of bloodshed. Verdun is now a World Capital for Peace - the Bishop's Palace used for World Peace talks and exhibitions

Days Out in Meuse
  • Contemporary Art Trail in Lahaymeix Forest - Contemporary artists have created an 'arts in the countryside trail' called 'Le Vent des Forets' set in this beautiful forest
  • Stenay - best known for its beer museum housed in a 19th century malt house.
  • Historic Vaucouleurs - admire the Porte de France, the gateway through which Joan of Arc led her troops, or visit the medieval fortress of Gombervaux with its medieval military architecture
  • Military Museum at Verdun - the Musee de la Citadelle Militaire highlights Verdun's role during WW1 and shows the everyday life of the soldiers during the battle.

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