Getting to Nancy

Getting to Nancy

Here is some information concerning travel to Nancy that might be useful. The city of Nancy can be reached

By Plane

Metz-Nancy-Lorraine regional airport is situated between Nancy and Metz. There is a service of "navettes" (company Aerolor, price 7€) linking the airport and the center of Nancy and the train station, which takes about 35 minutes.

This airport mainly provides connections within France, but it can be use via connecting flights (e.g., there are regular flights to Paris).

More information (thought only in French) in http://www.metz-nancy-lorraine.aeroport.fr:
      Aéroport régional Metz-Nancy Lorraine
      57420 GOIN
      Tél : 03 87 56 70 00
      Fax : 03 87 56 70 54

As Nancy only has a regional airport, people arriving to the nearest international airport (Paris, Luxemburg, Frankfurt, etc.) will probably complete their journey by train arriving to Nancy's train station. Once you are at the train station, take Tram 1 to the ESSLLI site (see Reaching the school).

By Train

Nancy train station is situated in the center of Nancy. Very close to the station is the stop of Tram 1, which will take you to ESSLLI (see Reaching the school)

Nancy has direct train connections (among others) to Paris, Metz, Dijon, Luxembourg, Munich, Vienna, etc. For more information on the French Train system visit http://www.voyages-sncf.com (information available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch!!!).
      Gare de Nancy
      3, place Thiers
      horaires d'ouverture : 5h30 - 23h00

You might want to use the regional trains to visit places in the Lorraine area while you are attending ESSLLI. You can find information about nearby villages like Verdun, Metz, Epinal, Toul, Saint-Dié and neighboring regions (Alsace, etc.) at http://www.ter-sncf.com/Lorraine/default.htm.

By Car

The main access to Nancy by car from Paris, Strasbourg, Saarbruecken and Frankfurt is with the A31 (E23) road. (map 1, map 2, area around Nancy, map of Nancy from the Gare to the Campus Scientifique, Nancy 1, reaching the Campus from the Gare by car.

By Bike

Nancy can also be reached by bike, at least from as far away as Edinburgh as was proved recently by Johan Bos. For information about this journey, please contact him directly :).

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