Reaching the school

Reaching the Summer School

Most problably, people attending ESSLLI will be arriving by train to Nancy. Nancy only has a regional airport, so also people arriving to the nearest international airpors (Paris, Luxembourgue, Frankfurt, etc.) will probably complete their journey by train.

Reaching the the ESSLLI Site from the Train Station

The easiest way to reach the Campus Scientifique of Nancy 1, where eslli is going to take place fromt the train station, is to take Tram 1 (this is the only tram line in Nancy).

[The Train Station]

In the map you can see the situation of the Train Station and the nearest stop of Tram 1. You have to take the tram in the direction Vandoeuvre, Chu Brabois. And step down in the Callot stop (it is a 20 minutes ride).

There are automatic ticket machines (you'll need coins though, bills or cards are not accepted) in the stop of the tram. You cannot buy the ticket on the tram, so remember to buy the ticket before boarding the tram.

The following pdf files might be useful:

From the Callot Stop to the ESSLLI Site

ESSLLI 2004 will take place in the Campus Scientifique of the Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy 1.

[Universidad Henri Poincare]

In the map you can see highlighted the Batiment 1er Cycle where the ESSLLI courses are going to take place, and next to it the building of LORIA, the organizing institution.

We have also marked in white the path from the nearest tram station (stop Callot, of Tram 1). It takes about 5 minutes walking from the tram station to the ESSLLI site.

Here is a map of the same location, for those of you who might prefer 2D rendering.

[Universidad Henri Poincare]

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