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Information about Registration

Find below information concerning ESSLLI 2004 registration, accomodation and meals.

Important Dates and Deadlines

This is the schedule for registrations.

    Early Registration:     From mid March to 1st of May.
    Late Registration:     From 2nd of May to 7th of July.
Important: On Site registration won't be possible.

Notice that even though registration (ie, only school fees, no accomodation and no lunch) will be possible till the 7th of July, accomodation and lunches can be ordered only till the 7th of June.

We repeat what we said above, on site registration will not be possible. Registration will have to be carried out via this web-site and all fees will have to be paid in advance either by credit card or bank transfer.

Important Dates:

    Formal Grammar:     7th and 8th of August.
    ESSLLI 2004:     From 9th to the 20th of August.


Student Accomodation. We can guarantee 360 student accomodation places. This accomodation is available to all ESSLLI participants (both students and scholars) and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Accomodation will be available from Saturday 7th of August to Saturday 21st of August.

The accomodation is divided between three university residences

All three residences are in easy walking distance of the summer school, and all are in easy reach of the center of Nancy via public transport (20 minutes by tram).

This accomodation is standard French student accomodation: single bed, desk, and basin. Shower and toilet facilities are communal.

Student accomodation includes breakfast for Monday to Friday for both weeks of the summer school (note that breakfast is not provided in the weekend of 14-15 August 2004).

Notice that by requesting student accomodation you agree to the following conditions.

  • Student accomodation rooms are non-smoking areas.
  • Losing the room key makes you liable to a 50 € replacement charge.
  • ESSLLI cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft in the student accommodation.

Hotels, Campings and Youth Hostels. There are many possibilities for accomodation in Nancy. But this should be arranged independently. The ESSLLI organization will not handle accomodation other accomodation than the student accomodation described above.

For a comprehensive list of hotels in Nancy, visit the Nancy Tourist Office pages.

Meals and Lunch Tickets:

We will also offer a package of 10 lunches (Monday to Friday, both weeks) at the university restaurant, which is situated very close to the ESSLLI site.

The lunches are typical French student cafeteria food (good quality, and lots of it) with a choice of menu. Please note that we cannot sell single lunch tickets: you have to buy 10 lunches (covering the two weeks of ESSLLI) in advance.

There are two supermarkets and some bakeries near the ESSLLI site for those who want to prepare their own picnic lunches, and given the typical August weather here (warm and sunny) and the grassy campus setting, this is a pleasant option to consider! Moreover, there are also three small restaurants, a couple of kebab shops, and a McDonalds.

Nonetheless the ESSLLI site is not in the center of Nancy, but on the outskirts, so the choice is fairly limited. So (if you don't want to picnic) the lunch package may well be your best choice.

School Registration Fees

There are four different ESSLLI Registration Packages. Please note that we can only offer lunch tickets and student accommodation for the full two week period. Breakfast is included in the student accommodation price.

  • Registration Package Type A: The Type A registration package covers only the ESSLLI'04 registration fee.
  • Registration Package Type B: The Type B registration package covers the ESSLLI'04 registration fee plus two weeks worth of lunch tickets.
  • Registration Package Type C: The Type C registration package covers the ESSLLI'04 registration fee and two weeks of student accomodation.
  • Registration Package Type D: The Type D registration package covers the ESSLLI'04 registration fee, two weeks worth of lunch tickets, plus two weeks of student accomodation.
         Type             Early Registration   
(Till 1st of May)
   Late Registration   
(After 1st of May)
Package A
Package B
Package C
Package D

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